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1st Quarter 2019
June 4 Hueneme Chamber of Commerce Cannabis Forum
June 2 US Marine Corp Band
Oxnard PAC
6-1 VC Educators Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Ceremony
5-8 SPUSD Trustee Meeting
4-27 Garcia Mortuary Memorial Service for
Ciseli Senee Dock
4-18 BCPC Ventura County Advisory Board Meeting
4-10 SPUSD Board of Trustees Meeting
4-9 Santa Paula Girls Softball vs. Nordhoff
4-2 Santa Paula Girls Softball vs Hueneme
3-30 Junior Optimist International
PSWD Convention
3-28 Port Hueneme Community Meeting on Cannibas 6 PM
3-28 Pacifica Boys VB vs CIHS 6PM
3-22 JRA Luncheon
Ira Mehlman - Guest Speaker
3-21 VC Broadband Consortium
March Meeting
3-17 Olivet Baptist Church Services
3-13 SPUSD Board of Trustees Meeting
3-13 Santa Paula Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Ceremony Will be available shortly
1/28 Hueneme Boys BB vs Santa Paula
1/29 Pacifica Girls BB vs Oxnard
1/27 Olivet Baptist Church Services
1/25 JRA invites Buzz Patterson
1-24 Broadband Advisory Committee Meeting
1/24 Hueneme Girls BB vs Malibu
1/24 CIHS Girls BB vs Buena
1/22 CIHS Girls BB vs Oxnard
1/20 Olivet Baptist Church Services
1/18 CIHS Boys BB vs. Pacifica
1/15 Hueneme Girls BB vs Carpenteria
1/15 CIHS Girls BB vs.
Rio Mesa
1/14 Pacifica Boys BB vs Oxnard
1/14 Hueneme Girls BB vs Nordhoff
1/13 Olivet Baptist Church Services
1/11 Hueneme Boys BB vs Nordhoff
1/11 CIHS Boys BB vs. Buena
1/10 Pacifica Girls BB vs. Rio Mesa
1/9 CIHS Boys BB vs. Oxnard
1/8 Hueneme Girls BB vs. Fillmore
1/8 Pacifica Girls BB vs Ventura
1/2 Hueneme Boys BB vs. Fillmore
12/20 CIHS Girls BB vs. Pacifica
12/19 CIHS Boys BB vs Ventura
12/19 Hueneme Boys BB vs. Santa Clara

2018 Spring Vision
KSPN Sports Center Pilot Episode
3-10 St. Pauls Baptist Church - Oxnard
100th Anniversary Celebration
3-7 Pacifica Boys Volleyball vs Buena
2-26 Hueneme Boys Volleyball vs. Pacifica
2-23 Pacific SW District
Optimist Intl Quarterly Conference
2-22 JRA Lucheon
T O Concilman Rob McCoy
2-19 Supervisor Kelly Long
presents "State of The County"
@ Hueneme Chamber
3-7 Pacifica Boys Volleyball vs Buena
2-26 Hueneme Boys Volleyball vs. Pacifica
2-14 Hueneme Boys Basketball Playoffs vs Riverside County Education Academy
2-13 SPUSD Board of Directors Meeting  (2-13-2019)
2-8 Hueneme Boys BB vs. Newbury Park Adv. Playoff Game
2-7 Hueneme Girls BB vs. Simi Valley High School Playoff Game
2-3 Olivet Baptist Church Services
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Date Upcoming Broadcasts Time
Feb 12 & 24 SPUSD Board of Trustee Meeting
Spring 2020 SPHS Boys & Girls
Spring 2020 Good Morning Santa Paula
News, Weather & Sports



Jan 29 SPUSD Board of Trustee Meeting
Jan 17 CVRWF Candidate Forum
Jan 15 SPUSD Board of Trustee Meeting
Dec 16 SPUSD Board of Trustee
Budget Meeting

Dec 11 SPUSD Board of Trustee Meeting
Dec 2 SPHS Girls Basketball vs
La Reina
Nov 30 Santa Paula Christmas Parade on Main Street
Nov 23 Santa Paula Town Hall
Congresswoman Brownley

Nov 22 Bunnin Chev of Santa Paula Ribbon Cutting Ceremony  
Nov 21 VC Broadband Consortium
November Meeting
Nov 18 Oxnard HS Boys Basketball vs Lompoc
Nov 9  Ojai Town Hall Meeting
Congresswoman Brownley
Nov 8  Jewish Republican Alliance
Rabbi Barclay
Nov 1 SPHS Boys Football vs.
Game Cancelled due to Fires
Oct 28 Chabad of Oxnard
presents Frank Meeink
Oct 23 Latino Issues Forum
Oct 23 SPUSD Board of Trustees
Special Meeting
Oct 20 "Hands Across Santa Paula"
Oct 18 SPHS Boys Football vs.
Oct 18 CVRWF Luncheon
Mark Lunn, VC Recorder
Oct 10 SPHS Girls Volleyball vs Carpenteria
Oct 9 SPUSD Board of Trustee Meeting
Oct 1 SPHS Girls Volleyball vs Malibu
Sept 27 SPHS Boys Football vs.
Nordhoff HS
Sept 26 SPHS Girls Volleyball vs Nordhoff
Sept 25 Santa Paula Unified School District Board of Trustees Meeting
Sept 19 SPHS Girls Volleyball vs.
Sept 16 Press Conference
Julia Bromley & Jacqui Irwin
Natl Suicide Prevention Week
Sept 11 Santa Paula Unified School District Board of Trustees Meeting
Sept 11 Good Morning Oxnard
Melissa Valdez, Oxnard PD State of the City
Sept 10 Oxnard HS Girls VB vs.
Notre Dame Academy
Sept 2 Santa Paula Labor Day Parade
Aug 28 SPHS Girls Volleyball vs.
St. Bonaventure
Frosh  JV   Varsity
Aug 25 Cannabis Curious?
@ Wheelhouse Dispensary
Aug 15 Good Morning Oxnard
Melissa Valdez, Oxnard PD  State of the City
Aug 14 Santa Paula Board of Trustees Meeting
August 12 Good Morning Oxnard
 Election Integrity Project California
July 24 SPUSD Board of Trustees Special Meeting
July 10 SPUSD Board of Trustees Meeting
June 27 VC Broadband Consortium
Monthly Meeting
June 25 BGCOPH Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Brent's Club
June 12 SPUSD Board of Trustees Meetings
June 7 Santa Paula High School Graduations  7PM
June 6 Renaissance High School Graduation (SPUSD)
June 6 Isbell Middle School Graduation  (SPUSD)
June 5 Career Education Center Culmination Ceremonies
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In Review



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SPARKY & TOMMY @ CLU in 2012


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