Why do Marilyn Wines have their value? Listen to the interview with Roger Richman  below..
 My daughter Robin had a Brain Annuerism last October. During the procedure complications occured that caused Blood to leak into the left side of Robins brain causing a Hemocragic stroke. She has been recovering as good as can be expected under her present Medical Insurance Program. She is presently in a HOME CARE facility in Newbury Park and our hope is for her to finally make enough progress so she can go home.

Our family is now in need of some financial help. Since I have been a collector and seller of Marilyn Monroe wines since 2005, I am now willing to part with some of my  favorites below to help my daughter.

The 3 bottles below can be viewed on MarilynWines.com. If you have interest in helping our family, please send me an email:  boballen@kadytv.com or text me at 805-824-1534
  3 Bottle Set  
Marilyn Merlot
Marilyn Merlot
Marilyn Merlot
$2750 @
Marilyn Wines
$2000 @
Marilyn Wines
$900 @
Marilyn Wines

This set sells for $5650 at MarilynWines.com
Buy this set at Trader Harry's for
or each individual bottle at 1/2 the price at MarilynWines.com
The Start of it ALL

Roger Richman is the Godfather of the
Celebrity Rights Act passed in 1982

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