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Upcoming Broadcasts 


Date Time Event
2-10 7 PM Triton Boys BB vs Oxnard


2-14 3PM Pinkard Youth Institute

"A Heart for Youth"


2-19 11:30 AM CVRW US Senate Forum


Newsworthy Events

2-1 Pinkard Youth Institute Fundraiser - "A Heart for YOU"

1-26 YEA Mentor Series -- Tom Waddell


1-20 OUHSD Honors CIF Champions from Camarillo & Rio Mesa HS

1-16 CICA Forum on Fisherman's Wharf Development



1-11 Port Hueneme City Council Meeting

1-10 Gordon Bohn Memorial @ Hueneme Bay


OC Culinary Arts Kitchen visited by YEA Students 12-15

 VCCA Holiday Party 12-15


 BGCOP Imagination Playground Unveiled 12-16

 Memorial Service for Pastor John Levi Baylor 12-12


 BGCOP Grand Reopening of Port Hueneme Club 12-10

 OC Campus Tribute to State Champion Men's Soccer Team 12-9


 Port Hueneme City Council Meeting 12-7

 COMM 101 Forum Persuasive Writing for Business 12-3


 OCPA Wednesday Life as a Masterpiece 12-2

Port Hueneme City Council Meeting  11-30


Santa Paula Christmas Parade 2015    11-28

Face The County Rafael Dagnesses 11-25


OCPA Wednesday with Marie Butler  11-25

Good Morning Camarillo  --  Pilot Episode  11-23  Mike Morgan



OCPA Wednesdays - Lanny Kaufer  11-18

PH Chamber - State of the Port - Jess Herrera  11-18


Port Hueneme City Council Meeting   11-9

Oxnard College Wednesdays -  Swing Street Band  11-11


Port Hueneme City Council Meeting   11-9

Port Hueneme City Council Special Meeting   10-31


Port of Hueneme holds TIGER Grant Press Conference  10-30

VC STEM Launch @ CI Maritime Museum & CSUCI Boating Center    10-23

VCOE High School LIVE Broadcasts

Pacifica Boys BB

1/5 Buena 7 pm
1/8 CI 7 pm
1/13 Dos Pueblos 7 pm
1/20 Hueneme 7 pm
2/3 Rio Mesa 7 pm
2/10 Oxnard 7 pm

Pacifica Girls BB

1/6 Buena 7 pm
1/14 Rio Mesa 7 pm
1/21 Oxnard 7 pm
1/26 CI 7 pm
2/4 Hueneme 7 pm

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Logistics of Tropical Fruit through the Port of Hueneme


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In Review


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Some of our Older Treasures

Mary Anne Rooney interviews Bob Allen, CEO



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